Discover the wild adventures of Brazil´s nature and sports

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Exploring Rainforests 600x400 1 ADVENTURE

Exploring Rainforests

Extreme sports 600x400 1 ADVENTURE

Extreme Sports

Horse Riding 600x400 1 ADVENTURE

Horse Riding

Junlges 600x400 1 ADVENTURE


Rafting 600x400 1 ADVENTURE


Spotting rare wildlife 600x400 1 ADVENTURE

Spotting rare wildlife

Surfing 600x400 1 ADVENTURE


Waterfalls Boat Ride 600x400

Waterfalls Boat Ride

Dream. Experience.

If an accelerated heart is what you’re looking for,  Adventure travel in Brazil offers options that you can’t miss. We offer incredible experiences like trekking, mountain-biking, horseback riding, zip-line, kite surfing, hang-gliding, sailing, scuba diving and all in exotic beaches, wild landscapes, remote natural areas, national parks, mountains, deserts, jungles and  rainforests.