A True Heaven For Ecotourism

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The name Bonito means Pretty and this is no wonder. Bonito is a natural paradise in the middle of the state of Mato Grosso do Sul Brazil, which has gained fame for its activities related to ecotourism and also for the constant preservation of the fauna and flora of the region. That is why, despite being a city that lives on tourism, Bonito is one of the most conserved and preserved places in Brazil.

The region surprises its visitors with its beautiful landscapes, crystal clear rivers, freshwater spas, waterfalls, grotto, caves, and abysm. All this with a magical complement: its wealth of animal life, composed mainly of aquatic species such as fish and alligators, as well as the most varied types of birds.

Do you like adventure? In Bonito, you can go hiking, tree climbing, boat rides, float, tubing, stand-up paddle and go down the rivers in inflatable kayaking. Or quad biking, horseback riding or cycling. For those who enjoy more radical adventures, It is possible to practice rappelling, ziplines, snorkeling or diving in the rivers and lagoons of the region.


"...We stayed at the Boyra Resort , a perfect place in the nature, close to all the magnificent ecotourism activities Bonito has to offer..."

Megan R.