Porto de galinhas

A snorkeling & scuba-diving paradise

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Porto de Galinhas is one of Brazil’s finest beach towns. With white-sand beaches, pristine coral reefs, mangrove forests and tidal pools, it’s a place blessed by the splendor of Mother Nature. Porto de Galinhas began as a slave trading center and later became a fishing village. Today, largely avoiding overdevelopment, nightlife and traffic, Porto de Galinhas attracts travelers that want to get away from the city bustle to discover Brazil’s celebrated beach culture.

Spectacular scenery spreads in all directions from the town. Dedicate time to exploring the series of beaches, each of which boasts gorgeous stretches of sand, transparent water and natural pools. Practice water sports such as body boarding, kitesurfing, surfing and Jet Skiing. Marvel at the vivid colors of large schools of fish while snorkeling and scuba-diving at unspoiled reefs.

Directly north of the town center is Porto de Galinhas Beach. Watch surfers ride big waves and mingle with a young, chic crowd at Cupe Beach. Swim in one of the area’s largest tidal pools at Muro Alto Beach and escape the crowds at secluded Camboa Beach.

Towards the south is Maracaípe Beach. Surf in consistent, rolling waves at high tide and bathe in the Pontal de Maracaipe tidal pools at low tide. Cool off with a cold beer or fruit juice at bars that almost sit in the warm sea water. Look for nesting seahorses on a boat trip along the Maracaipe River.

Further south, and across the mouth of the Maracaipe River, is Serrambi Beach. This is a popular starting point for scuba-diving trips to off-shore reefs.


"..snorkeling in the natural pools was amazing.We saw so many colorful beautiful fish..."

Brigitte S.