Iguazu Falls

the largest waterfall system in the world

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While Victoria Falls has the title of the largest waterfall in the world based on its combined width, Iguazu Falls is in its own league earning the title of the largest waterfall system in the world with several massive waterfalls all concentrated in this one area.To see the Iguazu Falls for the first time, is to see nature at its finest and no trip to South America is completed without visiting Iguazu Falls. Iguazu falls is one of the great natural wonders of the world, and truly is magnificent in person. The falls lie on the border between Argentina and Brazil with over 270 individual waterfalls that stretch for 1.5 miles. The falls are also on the UNESCO World Heritage List. From the Brazilian side, you will get the best panoramic view and on the Argentinian side, you will be walking in the cascades and enjoying  wet&wild boat rides into the falls! The Iguazu national park is surrounded by incredible nature and exotic wildlife. 


"...what an exhilarating experience to take a boat ride into the falls and appreciate this incredible power of nature..."

Roger R.