The Brazilian Tulum

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It’s not hard to fall for Trancoso. The laid-back bohemian beach resort in the tropical state of Bahia charms from the moment you drive into its tiny city center. Its cobblestone streets fringed with colorful restaurants, rustic pousadas , beachy boutiques and miles of un-spoilt and often deserted beaches will instantly remind you of Tulum Mexico. 

Trancoso has also become a popular destination for the fashionable Brazilian jet set especially in the summer when the laid-back Quadrado is overrun by glamorous dresses, high-heels, and endless events at upscale beach clubs. As a result, it now has several high-end hotels,  as well as an increasing number of luxury villas to rent, catering to this clientele. Outside these peak periods, the village remains as charming as ever, a favored retreat for Brazilian and international artists, writers, and musicians. 


"...Trancoso was the perfect place to party and relax. Loved the beach clubs..."

Luca M.