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Jericoacoara, or simply  ‘Jeri,’ is one of Brazil’s most cinematic destinations. Lodged between a magnificent national park and the sea, it enchants travelers with its perfect combination of stunning coastal scenery , beautiful turquoise tropical seas, blue lagoons ,white dunes , spectacular sunsets& sunrises and especially the full moon activities. Jeri is a mix of an authentic fishing village feel and luxury lifestyle. You feel find stylish luxury hotels, upscale restaurants, and posh beach clubs & nightlife. Jeri is perhaps the most adventurous beach town in Brazil, and the base for all kinds of dune and ocean-based fun. The coast around Jeri is home to top-class kite-surfing, decent surf, buggies and quad-bike trips around the dunes and lagoons, sand-boarding, horse-rides along empty stretches of sand, and epic 4×4 journeys by beach along Brazil’s fabulous north-east coastline.  It was elected by the Washington Post as one of the ten most beautiful beaches on the planet!


"...huge thanks to itamar and the tailor team for organizing the perfect experience in jeri ..."

Matias R.