Located in Zona Sul, Copacabana Beach is one of the most famous and most beautiful beaches in the world. The atmosphere is very vibrant and the people are colorful and fun loving. Copacabana beach runs between Princesa Isabel Avenue and lifeguard Post 6. The view to the left of Copacabana beach is the towering mountain of Sugar Loaf and Fort Duque de Caxias built in 1779. On the right is Copacabana Fort, which dates back to 1914. It houses the Army Historical Museum. The beach runs for 2.2 miles (4 km) in an east west direction running from Postos Dois to Posto Seis. Stop by one of the several beach bars and enjoy a gold cup of chopp (draft beer) and refeicao (herbed meat and fried onions). Take a walk along the beach to enjoy some of the most incredible sand sculptures and when you get thirsty try some of the agua de coco or coconut water straight from the coconut. Sports on the Beach-The locals or Cariocas really enjoy their sports. As a result the government has provided many sports facilities along the beach. Volleyball nets are strung along the shores. There are also football courts.Cariocas also like to stay in shape, there are several places on the beach with training equipment where locals can pump iron and build muscles.

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