The park located in Leblon was created in 1992, in an area of ​​environmental preservation with 39.55 hectares. From the wooden decks you can see some of the most important postcards of the city: Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas, Botanical Garden, Corcovado and the beaches of Leblon and Ipanema. In 2011, the park became self-sufficient when receiving panels of solar energy capture. In addition, a special battery bank was installed capable of maintaining energy for three days. In the tracks of the park you can see botanical species, such as the orchid, the stone anthurium, the white velózia and the bromeliads, as well as animals such as star monkeys, squirrels and various species of birds. The butterfly-blue is often observed. In the small lake of the park beautiful royal victories add a special touch to the environment. The park has four viewpoints, much sought after by visitors who want to have a privileged view of the city. Courts, gardens and sculptures, special steel pieces designed by Oscar Niemeyer, are some of the incredible attractions of the park. There is also a 1.5km long trail that leads to the foot of the  Dois Irmãos mountain trail.