Brazil has been home to many cultures and peoples for thousands of years

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Portuguese Colonization 600x400 1 History

Portuguese Colonization

museum african roots 600x400 1 History

museum african roots

indigenous origins 600x400 1 History

indigenous origins

dictatorship 600x400 1 History


slavery 600x400 1 History


Samba 600x400 2 History


ancient art 600x4002 1 History

Ancient Art

Capoeira 600x400 1 History

Ancient war dance-Capoeira

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Brazilian heritage is a mixture of many ethnic backgrounds such as Indigenous, European,  African, East Asian and Middle Eastern. Over  thousands of years, Brazil has been home to many cultures and peoples. Today, their stories are layered in the culture, architecture, art, food, and traditions of this South American nation. So much history lives in Brazil that several historic city centers have been named as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Other unique historical places, such as mining towns, plantations, and refugee villages, also preserve important stories. Our bespoken tours will take you back into Brazil’s history.