Brazil‘s soothing energy and incredible nature is the ideal place for spirituality.

Best Experiences

spirit7 Spiritual & Wellness


spirit6 Spiritual & Wellness


spirit5 Spiritual & Wellness

Christ Redeemer

spirit4 Spiritual & Wellness

Shrine Lady Aparecida

spirit3 Spiritual & Wellness

Spirit Vine Ayahuasca Retreat

spirit2 Spiritual & Wellness

Temple Of Solomon

spirit1 Spiritual & Wellness

Yoga Retreat

spirit8 Spiritual & Wellness

Zu Lai Temple

Dream. Experience.

Brazil‘s soothing energy and sunny climate, along with its empty beaches and ancient forest, make it the ideal place for spirituality.   From Ayahuasca ceremonies, yoga courses, healing circles and spiritual temples&retreats to Afro-Brazilian religion and witchcraft known as Candomblé./Macumba, we will take you on a deep spiritual journey.