Surf Tour

Surf tour to the most exotic beaches in Rio! No buildings, just nature! If you are a beginner, we will provide you with a professional surf instructor to teach you. If you are already an advanced surfer,we will take you to the best beaches with perfect big waves, where international competitions are held!
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    Macumba beach

    Praia da Macumba (officially named as Praia do Pontal de Sernambetiba) is located in Recreio neighborhood, between Pedra do Pontal and Canal de Sernambetiba. Macumba is a religious cult in Brazil that combines Christian and voodoo elements. The beach got this name because many Umbanda and Candomblé religions´ followers used to perform their rituals on this beach. Even today you can see some people practicing macumba on the shore of Canal de Sernambetiba. Macumba beach is a paradise for surfers and those looking for less crowded beaches.
    Tips for Macumba beach:
    ★ Take care of the steep shore and strong waves. It is easy to get knocked off your feet and taken off the shore by a back-current.
    ★ It is a great place for surfing. Sometimes the water is full of surfers, if you are a beginner, then better find a calmer beach to practice.

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    Grumari Beach

    The beach is located in an environmentally protected area. One of the most paradisaical beaches, surrounded by a rocky, wild coastline with beautiful flora and fauna which make up the characteristic ecosystem of the Atlantic Forest. Approximately 2.5 km long, it is located about 20 km from downtown Barra. Buses are forbidden and the number of vehicles is limited. Grumari is not a residential area, being part of an environmental reserve, together with the Prainha (a major stronghold of Rio surf).

    There are beautiful, rough waves and reddish colored sands. When there are lots of waves, the sea water is retained on the sandy part forming little natural pools, much enjoyed by children. . In the left corner there is the naturist beach of Apricot, with just over a mile long. Nudism, however, is practiced in a stretch of about 300 meters, wilder and protected by stones.

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    Prainha Beach

    If you want to escape from the crowded city for a while, then Prainha is the perfect choice for your day. One of the last unspoiled beaches hidden between the mountains and surrounded by tropical rain forest. Huge waves, white sand, and just a few restaurants and beach kiosks. No houses, no hotels, only nature and its outstanding beauty. Besides a splendid ocean view, there is one more great sight – most experienced surfers struggling with the enormous waves. One of the cleanest beaches in Rio de Janeiro area. Very popular among surfers and nature lovers.
    Tips for Prainha beach:
    ★ Go there early, as it takes a while to get there and on weekends it can get crowded.
    ★ Take the whole day to enjoy the walk there, as well as visit Nature Reserve and Recreation Park of Prainha, and Praia do Secreto on the way. It is a beautiful area.
    ★Best spots on the beach are close to the rock formations towards the end of the beach, where you can stay in the shade.