Wake to the sound of the world’s largest jungle coming to life

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pink dolphins 600x400 1 Wildlife

Pink Dolphins

papagio 600x400 1 Wildlife


golden lion tamarin 600x400 1 Wildlife

golden lion tamarin

exotic monkeys 600x400 1 Wildlife

exotic monkeys

exotic cats 600x400 1 Wildlife

exotic cats

elegators 600x400 1 Wildlife


Sloth 600x400 1 Wildlife


piranhas 600x400 1 Wildlife


Dream. Experience.

Immerse yourself in Brazil’s unique flora and fauna and enjoy our personalized tailor-made experiences in the heart of nature. Brazil is  home of the Amazon Rainforest, luring nature lovers to cruise past its caimans, pink dolphins and wake to the sound of the world’s largest jungle coming to life. Brazil also has numerous national parks containing varied habitats ranging from coastal forests, savannah and mountain, the powerful Iguaçu Falls, the dazzling Atlantic beaches to the  – Pantanal – house to the greatest biodiversity on the planet. The sparse vegetation of the Pantanal, the world’s largest wetland, is unable to hide capybaras, macaws, jaguars and anacondas on a wildlife holiday in Brazil.